Electric Hair Salon in Reading

Having had my hair bleached and coloured now for a couple of months I noticed that I had quite a few split ends and my hair needed a fresh cut and to have life in it again! 

I booked a cut and blow-dry at the Electric hair salon in Reading which was very easy to do. I had a quick consultation with Adrienne and she booked me in for a cut the following week at 12:15pm.

Electric Salon is very conveniently located opposite Reading Library and is very easy to get to, unfortunately they do not have parking but there are many car parks and bus stops nearby. The Salon itself looks very stylish from as soon as you walk in and has very welcoming staff.

My coat and scarf was hung up for me and I was offered a drink straight away, I opted for just water as I was curing a alcohol fueled hangover from the night before!

I met with Adrienne and we swiftly catched up and decided how much I want to have cut off and what style to have it. I asked for some front layers as I haven't had them in years and thought it would make a nice change. I asked for 1 inch to be cut off from the length, nothing too dramatic as I do like the length of my hair.

I was offered a head massage but opted out (I would of dosed off in the comfortable chair!) but it was really lovely to have been offered that. Hair washed, I was then guided back to my chair and Adrienne began working her magic on making my hair alive again. 

The cut and blow-dry took just under 1 hour and the products used in my hair smelt amazing! They also kept my hair looking shiny for 2 days! 

My hair stylist Adrienne was really lovely and chatty and i felt as though i could come back often to get my hair done by her. She came across quite knowledgeable and pleasant.

I would highly recommend Electric Salon, whether you're just having a cut and finish, hair treatment or colour.  Booking an appointment is simple, you can do it via their website , give them a call or just walk in if you're in the area.  

Prices for a cut start from £45 and a blow-dry from £35.

Pin Watch Wednesday - Heatwave special!

With this random heatwave we're experience in the UK at the moment, I thought why not dedicate my PWW for this week to last minute summer.

I'm more of a Autumn/Winter fan myself but I don't mind the occasional summer day, especially when i'm eating ice cream!

I eat ice cream no matter what the weather to be honest but it's just a cool summery treat to have on a scorcher day like yesterday and today.

I found so many cute ice cream enamel pins that it made it difficult to just choose one, here's a couple that I saw and loved immediately.

This ice cream pin from OhhDeer is super summery and I love the basic'ness of it.

Ok so this isn't an ice cream but looks how cool it looks! It's the old school rocket ice lolly I used to get from the ice cream van when I was like 10 years old! This is from a shop called Whoa There Pickle via NotOnTheHighStreet.com

Something a little different yet as awesome as the others is this Lizzie Darden brain freeze ice cream pin. 

Now i saved the best til last, none other than the Mickey shaped ice cream pin ! Which ever park you visit you have to try this ice cream, it's like a tradition. All food that's Mickey shaped tastes good!

Pin Watch Wednesday - GBBO Specical (week 4)

It's the time of year when supermarkets experience higher sales in baking ingredients, more small kitchen appliances get purchased and you might even come across 
dedicated Bake Officers while browsing in your local Waitrose!

All of this leads to one thing.............. The Great British Bake Off!

With season 7 kicking off tonight on BBC One my PWW is devoted to baking.

I found this awesome pin set on Semi Sweet called Baking Buddies, just look how cute they are!

You can buy individual pins or the complete set for $28 . Make sure you check out Semi Sweets instagram, they post really cool looking cookies and specialise in cookie cutters also.

I actually can't get over how adorable they look.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy GBBO tonight!

Pin Watch Wednesday - week 3

Seeing as the weather has decided to actually feel like summer I thought i'd share a super cool Pin Watch Wednesday with you all.

Stay Cool with this nostalgic looking ice cream van pin from Lucky Horse Press , it's only $10 so what are you waiting for!

You can choose from 2 colours, red/blue or peach/aqua. I like the red and blue one myself as it reminds me of my childhood dream of one day owning a ice cream truck. True story!

What better way to celebrate the summery sun than rocking this pin on your denim jacket.

Pin Watch Wednesday - Week 2 - National Lazy Day

According to the national calendar for 2016 today is National Lazy Day! Now I don't know about you but this is perfect for me because I am a super lazy person and i loooove sleep!

So if you're a fan of being a lazy sloth then here's a PWW dedicated to just you.

This sleep appreciation society pin is from Veronica Dearly and is only £6!! Also they are offering free UK shipping to all orders over £5 so you have no excuse!

Now go celebrate by taking a nap or doing absolutely nothing.

Pin Watch Wednesday - FIRST ONE EVER!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you've probably seen me post photos of my enamel pins the last few months. It all started when I randomly saw this awesome tooth pin on the Topshop website; at the time I was going to so many dentist appointments so the thought of wearing a tooth pin seemed to make my mind tingle with excitement. Strange I know. I thought wearing a tooth pin would make the painful tooth problems I've had (And I've had a quite a few!) seem more laughable! And then I got this PINS and needles feeling........I was about to become a pin addict.

So as my pin collection has grown more and more over the last few weeks I thought why not incorporate it into my blog. I thought of doing a pin watch post every week to show readers a pin that's caught my eye. Maybe even get some of you addicted like i am! 

I'll also be posting themed pins, i'm especially looking forward to showing you Halloween ones!

So here's the first ever PIN WATCH WEDNESDAY! eeeeek!

If you're a fan Clerks then this pin is a must for you! In the brilliant Kevin Smith directed black and white comedy there is a sign saying 'If you plan to shoplift, let us know. Thanks'. Now what better to represent such awesomeness than wearing the sign as a pin!

This would look great on a denim jacket or your backpack. Also it would make Kevin Smith proud!
This is available from LaLa Land and is only £8! I got some of my first pins from them and they are a great and reliable seller. Make sure you check out the other pins on their website, they also do jewellery, accessories, stationery and art. 

If you're a fellow pin addict or thinking about getting into pin collecting then please do not hesitate to get in touch! 

Drop Dead x Sonic - 25th Anniversary Collection

Drop Dead Clothing (founded by Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon if you didn't know!) have a prickly blue collaboration out now, the one and only Sonic the Hedgehog! This collab was released on 25th June; just 2 days after Sonic's 25th anniversary. 25 years; how old does that make you feel?!

*these photos are from Drop Dead's website.

The range is exclusively available online and in the Drop Dead London and Sheffield stores. The collections includes both men's and women's clothing and accessories, although the collection is solely focused on Sonic you do see his best buddy Tails make an appearance. There are some supesonic items from all over prints to an custom patch bomber jacket, there is something for everyone's taste.

*these photos are from Drop Dead's website.

The social media marketing leading up to the launch date was really creative, not only could you go to the London store and meet the hedgehog himself but there was a Drop Dead Sonic logo, a SEGA inspired gif to let everyone know the collection is live and a super cute loading page gif showing the date and time of release.

*this photos is from Drop Dead's website.

I was gutted when I missed the in-store event but I was sure to get my hands on my favourite piece from the collection, the Step It Up crop top. First of all the packaging is so awesome, it's a foil bag with Sonic on the front, it included the top, a A4 limited edition print and some stickers. Look how amazing the tissue paper is!

I also got a chaos emerald! ahhhhhh!

Of course I just had to take some selfies wearing the top straight away!

This pastel pink top has the classic blue Sonic print all over, I've styled it with a sleeveless shirt underneath and with my Blackmilk pastel lavender PVC skirt. I also tried it with high waisted black jeans and it looks good either way! Great for daytime and evening outings. The top is super soft and really comfortable to wear, you can wear it no matter what the season is. 

If you're a fan of Sonic then I highly recommend you check out the collection on Drop Dead's website. I can't wait to get more wear out of my top and maybe even buy some more items from their store in London.

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